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Monday, December 2, 2019

Becoming Filipino vlogger Kulas, enjoys Putong in Marinduque

Canadian vlogger Kulas shares his experience of Putong or Tubong, a ceremony occasionally performed in the Province of Marinduque to welcome guest.

On his Facebook, Kulas posted:

"Kulas and Kumar, please sit down on these chairs..."

The sounds of a strumming guitar, the gradual building of voices from outside, and a wave of smiling Titas in blue coming through the door singing...

"Putong" or "Tubong", is a traditional way of welcoming visitors in Marinduque... and we didn't see it coming!

The word "putong" literally translates to "crown". And we quickly noticed two of those being held by the Titas. Yes, they were about to crown us as visitors to the island. Wishing us good health, luck, and a happy life! If you think this is a short song and dance...


It must have been a good 25 minutes of dancing, singing, and happiness! The house we were staying in was transformed into what felt like a happy fiesta! Flowers started getting thrown on us, traditional songs were being sang, and then even money started falling everywhere! Yes, everyone scrambles to pick up the coins! It is for a prosperous and lucky life!

It is hard to explain how awesome this tradition is here in Marinduque! Amazing how groups of local friends get together to do this for their guests!"

Photos courtesy of Kulas