Heart and Center of the Philippines


Friday, February 24, 2017

Boac Investment Profile

Being the capital of the province, municipality of Boac is the center of commerce, trade and industry. Handed from generations, pioneer businessmen here are Filipino-Chinese engaged in retailing & trading business, thus the establishment of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce as the center of their unity to establish good start for business in the province.

Coconut is the main product of the province and large area of the province is planted with coconut. This gives opportunity for most farmers to engage in copra as their source of living and number of traders & investors put-up a copra trading business which until now this kind of business exist in barrios.

The improvement on the means of nautical transportation, particularly the use of Roro cargo ship vessel, and advance telecommunications in the area, attracts new businessmen to invest and venture in other line of business. This gives improvement on the commerce in the municipality.

Today, the municipality continues to improve its economic stability while increasing the number of business investors that bring progress in the community.