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Monday, March 20, 2017

Agency and Office Services in Boac

List of agency and office services in the municipality of Boac, Marinduque.

Mayor's Office

  • Issuance of Shipping Permit
  • Issuance of Mayor's Permit for Permit/licenses, Plates and Stickers
  • Issuance of Municipal Data and Information
  • Issuance of Mayor's Permit for Clearance/affidavit/certification
  • Issuance of Mayor's Permit for Temporary Closure of Roads/street
  • Issuance of Mayor's Permit for Recommendation Endorsement
  • Issuance of Mayor's Permit on Selling and Promotional Activities, Motorcade/parade and Usage of LGU-facilities (Covered Court)
  • Solemnization of Marriage

Vice Mayor's Office

  • Issuance of Accreditation for Cooperatives, NGOs, and Associations

Sangguniang Bayan

  • Issuance of Franchise for Tricycle and Motorized Banca
  • Issuance of copy of Ordinances, Resolutions and/or Minutes

Municipal Treasurer's Office

  • Collection of Real Property Tax
  • Computation and Collection of Business Tax
  • Collection of Fees on Municipal Lot Cemetery
  • Collection of Franchise and Other Fees on Tricycle Operations
  • Collection of Community Tax Certificate
  • Issuance of Real Property Tax Clearance
  • Branding of Large Cattle
  • Calibration of Weighing Scales

Municipal Accountant's Office

  • Processing of Disbursement Voucher
  • Preparation of Certification (for Salary Deduction)
  • Processing of Barangay Financial Transactions
  • Processing of Payroll
  • Inventory of Municipal Properties
  • Bookkeeping of LGU Accounts and Transactions
  • Accounting of Collections/Receipts

Municipal Budget Office

  • Budget Preparation
  • Budget Review
  • Budget Execution
  • Budget Accountability

Municipal Planning and Development Office

  • Various Plans Preparation/Consolidation
  • Socio-Economic Profile (SEP) Development/Updating
  • FBCAMS Development
  • Special Activities

Supply Office

  • Issuance of Supplies
  • Property Accountability and Management
  • Acceptance and Inspection

Public Order and Safety

  • Implementation of Public Order and Safety Program

Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office

  • Implementation of DRRM Plan
  • Coordination during emergencies
  • Implementation of remedial measures

Municipal Civil Registry

  • Registration of Birth
  • Registration of Marriage
  • Registration of Death
  • Requisites for Application of Marriage License
  • Registration of Court Decree/Order
  • Legal Instrument
  • Change of First Name or Correction of Clerical Error (RA 9048)
  • Requisites for Supplemental Report
  • Illegitimate Children to Use the Surname of the Father (RA 9255)
  • Boac List of Frontline Services (Download here the list of frontline services)
Municipal Health Center

  • Pre-Natal, Natal and Post-Natal Care
  • Expanded Program on Immunization
  • Micro-Nutrients Supplementation
  • Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (DOTS, STD)
  • Filariasis Treatment
  • Medical Consultation and Examination
  • Medico-Legal Examination
  • Post-Mortem Examination
  • Pre-Marital/Family Planning Counselling
  • Issuance of Sanitary Permits & Health Certificate
  • Laboratory Examinations, X-Ray, ECG and Ultrasound Services
  • Dental Services
  • Nutrition Services

Social Welfare and Development

  • Aid to Individual/Families
  • Issuance of Identification Card for the Senior Citizens, Solo Parents & Persons with Disability
  • Issuance of Purchase Slips and Booklets to Senior Citizens and Persons with Disability
  • Pre-Marriage Counseling Sessions
  • Social Case Study Report and Referrals
  • Issuance of Certificates and Permits (Indigency, Guardianship, Out of School Youth, Solicitation Permit, Pre-Marriage Certificate)

Public Employment Services Office (PESO)

  • Student Program for Employment Services (SPES)
  • Public Employment Service Program

Municipal Assessor's Office

  • Preparation of Real Property Tax Declaration for Land
  • Issuance of Certification on Real Property
  • Issuance of True Copy of Tax Declaration
  • Issuance of Improvement or No Improvement on Real Properties
  • Ocular Inspection of Real Properties (Subject for Revision/Correction of Tie-Up or Subdivision)
  • New Declaration (Building or Machinery)

Municipal Agriculture Office

  • Technical assistance to farmers and fisher folks
  • Provision of planting materials like seeds & seedlings
  • Establishment of techno-demo farms and learning sites
  • Conduct farmer's classes, trainings and seminars
  • Issuance of Certification to Cut Old and Damaged Fruit Trees
  • Animal Health Care Program (deworming, vaccination, castration and artificial insemination)
  • Animal Dispersal
  • Ante-Mortem Inspection
  • Sea-Bourne Patrolling and Illegal Fishing Apprehension
  • Registration of Motorized and Non-Motorized Banca
  • Institutional Development through Organizing and Strengthening of Rural-based Organizations and Councils

Business Permit and Licensing Office

  • Application for Business Permit
  • Schedule of Fees

Municipal Engineering Office

  • Maintenance of Roads and Drainage Systems
  • Maintenance of Government Buildings
  • Flood Control
  • Road Development Program
  • Issuance of Building Permit
  • Issuance of Certification of Annual Inspection for Business Permit
  • Issuance of Electrical Permit and Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection
  • Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy

Operation of Waterworks

  • Processing/Installation of New Water Connection
  • Processing of Water Service Disconnection
  • Meter Reading and Issuance of Bill of Water Consumption

Operation of Market
  • Processing and Issuance of Market Contract of Lease


  • Issuance of Slaughter Permit
  • Ante-Mortem and Post-Mortem Inspection

Last update on March 19, 2017