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The name Boac was derived from the Tagalog word “biak” which means divided. The river which ran from the eastern hinterland to the western plains down to the sea, had divided the town into two  areas, the Northern Area and the Southern Area. The people used to say “Ang Bayang Biak”. In the course of time, by means of  verbal intercourse and communication and other exchange of letter and notes between the people of Marinduque and Mindanao, the Tagalog word "biak" becomes Boac, the name which has persisted up to the present.

Boac Municipal Townhall
Boac is the provincial capital of Marinduque and has a population of 60,777 people according to the 2010 census. It has politically subdivided into 61 administrative divisions called barangays. Approximately 137 nautical miles by the shortest routes from Manila and 45 minutes flight from Manila Domestic Airport to Masiga Airport in Gasan which is seven kilometers from Boac.

Boac Cathedral (Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Immaculate Conception Parish: The Cathedral
The cathedral was dedicated to the 'Mother of Instant Mercy', (Pronto Socorro), in 1792. A marker on the church's front wall declares thus: "naniniwala ang mga tao na siya ang nagligtas sa pagsalakay ng mga moro noong ika-18 dantaon." Her feast day falls on May 10. A canonical coronation of this miraculous object of veneration took place in Boac in 1958 to mark the 100th anniversary of that feast day. It was attended by thousands of pilgrims from the nearby provinces in southern Luzon and Bicol.

By virtue of an Apostolic Bull issued by Pope Paul VI on April 2, 1977, the Diocese of Boac was created. It was carried into effect on May 10, 1978 with Bishop Rafael M. Lim, D.D. of Boac installed as the first Bishop of Boac. As of Dec. 31, 2008, the Boac Diocese recorded 193,585 baptized Catholics or 84% of the population of 229,636 (2007 population). The rest are members of the other Christian denominations such as Protestants, Iglesia Filipina Independiente, Iglesia ni Kristo, and others.

Marinduque Branch Museum

The Monument of Dr. Jose Rizal in front of Casa Real
The branch museum is housed in an old Spanish building that used to be a library and Municipal Trial Court of Boac, Marinduque. Representative and now Governor Carmencita Reyes, who facilitated the restoration of the building and construction of showcases, made possible the turnover of the lot and building to the National Museum by the municipality of Boac. The museum measures 410 square meters including the mezzanine floor.

Boac, dubbed as a small paradise, is the capital town. The Boac branch museum was formally opened to the public on February 22, 1995.

  • The Boac Hotel
    Address: Brgy. San Miguel, Boac
    Contact No.: +6342.332.1121 (Landline) | +63918.616.8590 (Mobile)
    Amenities: The town’s oldest inn, this freshly-painted place built in the 1960s is perfectly located in the heart of Boac, between the Boac Cathedral and Moriones Park. Double AC room, good for four (P950).
  • Tahanan sa Isok
    Address: Brgy. Isok, Boac
    Contact No.: +6342.332.1231 (Landline)
    Amenities: 15 rooms PhP800-1,200. Has a  restaurant, a garden and a swimming pool. Few minutes’ walk from Boac Cathedral and the town museum. Each room is air-conditioned, carpeted, with hot and cold shower and cable TV. A single room with one double size bed costs P800.
  • Villa sa Aplaya
    Address: Brgy. Isok, Boac
    Contact No.: +6342.332.1881 to 82 (Landline)
    Amenities: Famous spot to watch the sunset and a perfect venue for stargazing. It has 11 fully air-conditioned rooms, each with 21-inch cable TV, water heater and refrigerator. There’s also a conference room, badminton court, pavilion surrounded with nipa huts ideal for small events and for dining. Room rates start at P1,000.

  • 3E’s Love Bay Resort
    Address: Brgy. Amoingon, Boac
    Contact No.: +6342.332-1440 | +6342.332.1296 (Landline)
    Amenities: 11 rooms. PhP 600-1,500
  • Robertos' Hideaway and Beach Resort
    Address: Brgy. Cawit, Boac
    Contact No.: +632.502.7089 (Landline) | +63917.832.3148 (Mobile)
    Contact Person: Marby Montellano
    Email Add.:
    The operation of Cawit Port, which is a 5 minute walk from Roberto's Hideaway and Beach Resort, has been restored just in time for Holy Week.  You can now get tickets directly to Cawit Port from Talao-talao Port.
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