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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Colorful Sea Creatures Of Libas Reef In Buenavista

BUENAVISTA, Marinduque - Coloration in animal kingdom plays wide variety of roles, to attract opposite sex, to warn enemies and to camouflage. Like in terrestrial animals such great coloration also present in aquatic animals. Following are some of the underwater beauties of Libas Reef in the town of Buenavista photographed by Marinduque based Dive Master Freedom Dellosa.

Clown Fish

Clownfishes are one of most beautiful and brightly colored fishes in the world. The color of their body varies as orange, red or yellow with distinctive white stripes. This coloration also makes clownfishes as most recognizable reed-dwellers in the world. Clownfishes are also known as anemone fishes because they live freely with poisonous sea anemones. Both clownfish and anemone get benefit from their mutual life. Clownfishes can swim freely between poisonous tentacles of sea anemones. It protect clownfishes from the potential predators. -