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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Marinduque Cong. Velasco leads deliberation of Solar Energy Bills

House Committee on Energy Chairman Lord Allan Jay Velasco on Monday, January 29 leads the initial deliberation of House Bill No's. 2172, 5402, 1484, 6565 and 6960, which seeks the promotion and utilization of Solar Energy.

House Bill No. 2172 seeks to reduce the cost of electricity for national government offices by promoting the development and utilization of solar energy in all government buildings and offices.

House Bill No. 5402 seeks to utilize solar power to generate electricity and/or thermal energy in order to preserve a balanced ecology.

Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Jay Velasco. Photo courtesy of Lord Allan Velasco / Marinduque News
House Bill No. 1484 requires power producers to make remittances directly to the host communities.

House Bill Nos. 6565 and 6960 provide generous incentives to developers of renewable energy facilities as well as manufacturers, fabricators and suppliers of locally-produced renewable energy equipment and components.