Heart and Center of the Philippines


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Visit Maniwaya Island in Santa Cruz, Marinduque

The Philippines is an archipelago dotted by more than 7500 islands and islets and surrounded by one of the world’s most diverse ocean waters. Hence, discovering gorgeously beautiful and pristine islands in the country should not come as a surprise but the case is utterly otherwise. Everyday we come across precious delights that don’t ever fail to satisfy the eye and trigger our inner wanderlust. Everyday a handful of stunning islands and must see destinations in the country are discovered, adding to our already overflowing bucket list. There’s always a secret to unravel in every hidden corners and the possibility of stumbling into something wonderful is limitless. Maniwaya Island happens to be one of those undiscovered jewels concealed behind the shadows in the not so distant province of Marinduque.

Maniwaya Island is part of the town of Santa Cruz in Marinduque province and is less than an hour of boat ride away from the main island. It is surprisingly undeveloped with only a handful of resorts lined along its shores of rough coral stones and white sugary sands. Its water is teeming with life although negative effects of cyanide and dynamite fishing in the past are still very much evident in one too many dead corals scattered in its ocean floor. Its rustic vibe and tranquil state are its most redeeming qualities. Plus, it is totally off the path and uncrowded so you are guaranteed to have that patch of sand to frolic under the sun with for that much needed tan.

Words by Keza Marie Enriquez of Awanderful Sole | Video by Buboy Afurong