Heart and Center of the Philippines


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Boac Geography


Approximately 137 nautical miles by the shortest routes from Manila and 45 minutes’ flight from Manila Domestic Airport to Masiga Airport in Gasan which is seven kilometers from Boac.


Boac is located at the Western section of the province with the following boundaries:

  • North - Municipality of Mogpog
  • East - Municipality of Torrijos
  • South - Municipality of Gasan
  • West - Tablas Strait


Except for a few scattered alluvial and coastal plain, Boac has rugged terrain with long winding river which ends in the west. Its mountainous area is generally located Southeast of Poblacion. Its coastal plain landscape and alluvial area characterized by a westward trend of flatlands to a stretch of 2130 hectares or 10% of the total area.