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Monday, August 1, 2016

Historic bridge of Murallon, Boac

Here’s the entry dedicated to Puente de Boac in the book “Puentes de Espana en las Filipinas,” by Manuel Maximo Lopez del Castillo – Noche (I wonder what this guy’s school ID looked like).

“Situated near the Catholic cemetery of Boac in Barangay Murallon, Puente de Boac is a single arched masonry bridge that spans one of the numerous tributaries of the Boac river. The bridge has been modified during the 1930’s, resulting in its road deck, particularly its supporting parapet wall, being finished in a row of concrete balusters. Only upon close inspection of the bridge can its Spanish period origin be evidently seen.

Unfortunately, nothing is mentioned about the bridge aside what little details the construction of the span provides. The bridge is 22.20 meters long with a 4.00 meter wide central arch. The semi-circular arch rises 2.70 meters above the creek and another 1.80 meters to the road deck. The width of the bridge is 6.50 meters with 0.30 meters, additional on both ends for the baluster railing.

The most interesting feature of Puente de Boac are probably its visible voussoir that line the other edge of the bridge’s arch. Compared to other bridges whose arch appears integrated with the overall masonry construction of the bridge, there is a distinct defining of the voussoirs in this bridge as opposed to the spandrel and abutment walls that line its edge. This definition show the distinct process of arch-making and the various elements that make up a sign, with the voussoirs showing the arch’s main structural framework and the spandrels and abutment providing filling and support.”

Written by De AndA | 21 Oct 2014

Photographed by Erwin Monroyo Penafiel (c) 2015